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Take advantage of this exclusive promo and save up to 60% on all new shared hosting plans from Hostgator and get select domains for only $4.99. Unlimited disk space, unlimited bandwidth, 1 domain allowed and cPanel available…

How to Choose a Web Host

It is very important for you to know the correct way of choosing a Web Host because it will help you grow your business especially when you’re just a beginner and lack of knowledge of coding and programming languages. Here are 6 ways about How you can choose your Web Hosting….

1. Purpose

You may choose to host for your already existing website, or looking to start from scratch, what you like to use the site for will certainly influence your hosting choice. Suppose, you can set up your website to earn money or for fun. There are some free web hosting and those can meet up your needs if it’s only created for your personal use. On the contrary, since you plan to make money from your website, it’s better for you to use a paid hosting.

An entrepreneur with his small business might want to consider domain hosting or a standard paid hosting. This gives a person a super chance to host his/her website everywhere he/she likes. This costs a little as you have to pay for the domain name only.

The most common hosting option for your websites is regarded as a standard paid shared hosting. Because paid hosting brings you some awesome wealth of choices and give you a space to think carefully about the types of services will be beneficial before committing to a certain package.

2. Customer Support

It doesn’t matter how pretty good your web skills are. Sometimes, you will face some troubles about some issues of your website that is so natural for every person owe a website. What do you feel then? Undoubtedly, you expect the customer support team and their prompt response, right? If you’re kept in a long queue for a long time, you get disappointed and even if you are unable to fix the error yourself, you leave the website without functioning and move to another host.

So, the importance of looking into the Web Hosting company’s customer service is great. Knowing the pros and cons of the customer support can give you a better path to choose the best Web Host. Especially, you should go over their method of contacting, how responsive they are in a question of a customer.

3. Price

There are variations in the prices of the different Web Hosting company. They offer you both like free/cheap and paid.

If you’re a beginner, then you love to choose the cheapest package in order to lessen the start-up costs you have. These packages sometimes sound appealing. There are packages starting from one to thousand dollar per month. What should you do to get a high-quality Web Hosting within a medium budget? Well, there’s are options but you need to know where to look.

If you intend to try out a Web Host before fully committing your website(s), there should be a money back and satisfaction guarantee. Most often, the maximum company’s offer the customers a 30 to 90 days money back guarantee. There are some others company who offers more than 90 days and beyond that. Here is a note that a money back provider company takes great care of your invested money.

4.Uptime and Usability

Various studies show that uptime is very important in your hosting purchases. Did you ask, why? Fine, the more reliable your website operates, the more visitors (including potential paying customers) are able to use your website. People are much more like to report the odd and bad things they experience than the good ones. How it’s possible to find all your silent users happy? You have to know their uptime system.

You should look at the usability of the service as well as the features of like bandwidth or storage. They can severely affect you when you are new to hosting and have the lackings of proper skills on coding. The most important thing needs to be ensured or checked that whether the hosting provider company has cPanel, Plesk, ispCP or ISPConfig. These programs let you customize and set up your website and hosting if you’re not familiar with FTP that stands for File Transfer Protocol that is a must to the betterment of your website. Let’s get clear with an example. If you like to upload a file like a header image, the logo or anything else from your computer, then your Web Hosting company must be a provider of FTP access.

5. Extra Services

Providing additional services may cost you a little but you get the benefit too. What the amount they take from a customer is, they worth it. Its importance increased when someone hosts a website for business matter. You can get some extra features like to create your company’s own and authorized email account. Email with the name of your company makes your business more professional and spreads out to a greater extent.

Knowing the previous statistics about the number of people who have visited your website is important. As you can take the steps to improve it and boost your sales or make money, you need a hosting company that provides details and statistics of people visited your website for a certain time frame.


The term “Reputation” can play a vital role in choosing your Web Hosting. Because of having the prior reputation, the reputed company won’t provide you a bad quality service as this can lessen its reputation. They are committed to detaining the best quality of their services. You should look for those company and buy from them.

You can go through the feedback and review by other customers and the uptime statistics. Uptime is the indicator of the company that showed us how often a company’s hosted sites were live for a certain time frame. So, the higher the percentage, the better chance to make more money. Try to choose a company that has the uptime percentage as close to hundred percent as possible.

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